This is a important page!!

This is the page for the rules, and as such is the most important page in this entire wiki!!


Do not spam on this wiki or else you may be blocked/banned in direct proportions to the extent that you trashed the site. If you spam only one small article, you will be kicked for a week; if you spam a massive page, you will be kicked for a month; and if you spam a very important page, you WILL be banned either for one one year or longer.

Spam pages

We do NOT like the fact how some people make spam pages that contain really rude content like This wiki is going to be a failed LOLOLOL. If you make spam pages, you will be banned for a week!!


We do NOT want ANYONE on here using dirty words on here. If there is a person who saw you cussing, they have the choice to report you to a admin/mod.

Chat box

We only ask that you be nice to other people who are on the chat box. Rules for chat include:

  1. Don't swear/cuss
  2. Do not spam
  3. Never show links to a virus or nasty site
  4. Stay on topic when you are having a chat meeting
  5. Do not bully anyone

Failure to do this will result in being kicked and, if continued, a ban.

Rules Regarding User Rights

The following are instructions for all users who have the ability to block, kick, or ban other users, meaning that they apply to bureaucrats, admins, and chat mods alike.

  1. Always follow the the wiki's rules.
  2. If another user is breaking the rules, first warn them in a friendly yet stern manner.
  3. After several violations and an apparent disregard for the warnings, take the appropriate course of disciplinary action, such as kicking, banning, or blocking the user
    Certain major violations that make it clear that the user cannot be reasoned with (for example, large amounts of spam and hate directed at other users) may result in an instantaneous and lengthy block or ban without any warnings. However, those administering the bans must have good provocation!
  4. While certain topics designed specifically to ignite anger can result in a block, kick, or ban, users with chat mod, administrator, or bureaucrat rights may not let a bias towards a certain topic influence their actions. If you really don't like a topic that isn't hurting anyone, then either go with it or temporarily take a break from the discussion.
  5. If a chat mod, admin, or bureaucrat breaks the above rules and guidelines several times and shows no sign of improvement, then the community may consider the removal of this user's rights until they can use them responsibly again.






You have been warned.